Economics and Management of Innovation

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PENIN Julien

This master is addressed to every student willing to have a career of analyst specialised in innovation and knowledge economy. By combining theoretical and empirical approaches, this training allows the students to get transversal knowledge concerning innovation processes and systems, innovation policy and the way to evaluate it, questions of intelectual property and Research and Development management.

Project pedagogy allows the student, not only to learn how to perform a structured reasoning and to acquire methodological knowledge but also to develop skills in project management.  

This training is multidisciplinary. It provides a solid background in order to understand economic phenomenon that deals with innovation and the knowledge economy.

For more information, please see the educational booklet. (In French)



Exemples de métiers Exemples d'entreprises qui ont recruté les diplômés de cette formation
Assistant de commerce international
Assistant de recherche
Chargé de mission développement économique
Hangzhou Asian-Africa international trading company
Jackson MAK
SPRU (Sussex University)