Global Innovation Management

Field: Law-Economics-Management

Global Innovation Management

Speciality: Management International

In collaboration with the Frankreich Zentrum of the University Albert Ludwig (Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany).

Person in charge of the speciality:

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Moritz Mueller


This path leads to a dual degree: French and German. The goal is to ensure an international career, especially in innovative project management, to students who speak perfectly both languages, French and German (and who are able to understand and speak English).

Regardless for what was the major subject of their previous training, the students acquire strong knowledge in international management and innovation economy. 

The courses are mainly in German the first year (Frankreich Zentrum, University of Freiburg) and in French during the first semester of the second year (FSEG, University of Strasbourg).

The last semester will be dedicated to an internship in a company. This training leads to the profession of project manager.

Sectors concerned are industries, services (bank, consulting office...) or public institutions and para-governmental organizations (international organizations, regional authority, agencies...) 

For more information, please download the educational booklet below (In French).


Exemples de métiers Exemples d'entreprises qui ont recruté les diplômés de cette formation

Business Developer EAME
Chef de produit
Contrôleur de gestion
Directeur du Developpement
Product Manager
Production Planner
Research Coordinateur
Responsable commercial et financier
Responsable d'Unité de Production


AEG Power Solutions
Aelios Finance
Bohemia Interactive Simulations
GDF Suez
Groupe Mars
JATO Dynamics


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