Project and Organization Management


Field: Law-Economics-Management

Project and Organization Management

Person in charge of the Master's Degree:

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PENIN Julien

General presentation:

The competition which companies and organisations are facing today takes forms that cannot be analysed by a classical approach anymore. The area in which they are in competition is often international from the start, the objects of competition are not standardized products anymore and the customer's demand (companies or final customers) throughout the world are stronger. Project and organizational management intends to develop the training into three axis along with researches from the laboratory BETA: one axis insisting on internationalization, a second axis, focusing on innovation (products, technologies, organisation) and industrial management and finally, an axis focusing on quality (international norms).  The training, project and organization management allows the students to be able to face the reality of the labour market and to be informed about recent evolution of scientific knowledge in these fields.  

Note: First and second semester of the three specialties are shared (except one subject to choose according to the specialty of the second semester).