What’s it all about?

This third year of study focuses on both Economics and Management with lectures open to other fields (e.g. Geopolitics, Art...). Economics focuses on issues such as policies, markets and social progress at local, national and international markets. Why do economies work the way they do? How do governments respond to different events? Management brings the focus down to company level. How do and should individual businesses respond to events? How can their responses be improved? In this third year specialization, you compare economic models with the reality, to find out what’s really going on behind the scenes of the business world.

You’ll like this, if you like …

  • Using economic and management techniques to solve concrete problems. Investigating the underlying causes of current affairs.
  • Working in international teams and being proactive.
  • Exploring, besides the traditional Economics and Management courses, new theories and practices ignored by many mainstream diplomas.

Main features

  • We offer small classroom (around 20 students and international students in exchange).
  • Many different national and cultural backgrounds / sharing and learning about others.
  • A classroom focused on open courses, research and internship around the world.
  • Educational innovations.

Admission is competitive

Students who present the minimum requirements are not guaranteed acceptance. Admission decisions are based on your academic record, as well as performance in prerequisite courses, and also your performance in English.


Opening date for online applications : March 22th- 2023
Closing date for applications : April 24th 2023
Deadline for reception online the application documents May 2nd 2023
Week of interview : June 5th to 14th 2023
Date of response of the pedagogical commissions : June 19th 2023

Access to E-candidat here