About the faculty

Learn. Understand. Undertake.

The Department of economics and management (of the University of Strasbourg) is one of the most important academic sites in France in these fields both in terms of teaching and research.

The number of students at bachelor, master and doctorate level (presently 2,500) has increased steadily over the last years. With some 60 permanent teaching and research staff and a skilled administrative and technical staff, the Department offers – on its own or in collaboration with other departments of the University – a large scale of programmes: general ones, specialised ones, vocational-oriented ones and research-oriented ones.

What to do with a degree in economics or management?  Some examples

Studies in economics and management open up the most diverse professional sectors, from trade to industry, from finance to accounting, from health to social services or from quality management to international project management and human resources. The degrees in economics and management are on demand in research and consultancy services. Graduates in these fields can be found in big organisations and firms as well as in small and medium size enterprises as well as in education and research, the banking and the insurance sectors. Moreover, master’s degrees open up the possibility to access managerial positions in the above-mentioned professional sectors. Finally many former graduates created their own enterprises, which provides evidence of their competences, their dynamism and their capacity to be autonomous.

    The Department’s motto is “training in quality through excellence in research”

    Research centers are hosted by the Department:

    • BETA (Bureau d’économie théorique et appliquée): Research centre in theoretical and applied economics): it was evaluated in 2012 by the National assessment agency (AERES) and considered an excellence team with the highest grade on 3 out of 4 criteria. Researches are organized in seven area of research which covers the main fields in economics and management.
      The BETA includes more than a hundred researchers regularly rewarded (medal of the CNRS, price for the best research...)