Climate Change and Globalization

Climate Change and Globalization
Licence Économie et gestionParcours International economics and management


This course will focus on debates about how best to address the challenges of the currently most pressing environmental issue, climate change. It will critically analyze the various strategies proposed by a multitude of actors, from individuals, to local and national governments, to international institutions. The course will treat the following issues: the origins of climate change in the context of globalization; the history of the debates over the risk of climate change; the impact of major national and international institutions; key management concepts (mitigation, adaptation, climate engineering); communication of scientific research and the role of the media, the political issues of the North-South divide; social inequality and migration; and, finally, the search for policy solutions at local, regional, national and international levels.

Compétences visées

Learning outcomes
After completing this course the students will able to

  • use key concepts in climate management
  • have a better historical and political understanding of the main actors
  • articulate the links between climate change, globalization and inequality

Modalités d'organisation et de suivi

  1. Lectures and reading/presentation of basic texts


  • Sciences économiques
  • Sciences de gestion et du management


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