Contemporary Economic Facts

Contemporary Economic Facts
Licence Économie et gestionParcours International economics and management


The purpose of the course is to give students sufficient knowledge to understand the economic facts. We propose to go beyond the conventional ideas, to provide critical elements against the dominant thought since the 80s and to present new approaches.

Compétences visées

  • Awareness of the multiple analytical frameworks alternative to apparently straightforward economic interpretation
  • Capacity of analysis and of building student's own view on contemporary economic facts
  • Open-mindedness

Modalités d'organisation et de suivi

Plan of the lecture:

  1. Globalization of the economy
  2. The revolution of the 80s
  3. The debate surrounding the concept of free market
  4. The debate surrounding the question of Public spending and public debt
  5. The debate surrounding the question of tax system
  6. The debate surrounding inequalities and social justice
  7. The economy of recognition
  8. The economy of empathy
  9. Different subjects according to the current events.


  • Sciences économiques
  • Sciences de gestion et du management


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