Serious Game - Innovation and Management Control

Serious Game - Innovation and Management Control
Master Management de l'innovationParcours Management de l'innovation et de la créativité (MIC)


This course looks at the management of innovation processes and the tensions we can find in the organisation between creativity and control. 
The first part of the course is theoretical. After defining the various concepts of innovation, the innovation process, creativity, control and management control, we will study the combination of control and creativity and highlight the organisation's potential tensions. We will finish this part by learning some management control tools and practices that we can use to manage the innovation process. 
The second part of the course is practical. A serious game  suggests experiencing tensions between control and creativity. The serious game takes place in the fashion sector and, more specifically, in the Slipo Factory, an imaginary firm that produces and sells underwear. 

Compétences visées

  • Understanding the benefits of managing innovation processes.
  • Understanding the main tools to manage innovation processes.
  • Understanding the tensions related to this control.
  • Experiencing tensions between creativity and control with a serious game


  • Sciences de gestion et du management