Methods and individual projects

Methods and individual projects
Master Analyse et politique économiqueParcours Économie des transitions, de l'innovation et des connaissances


Individual and Group Project Assessement (10h – LLERENA Patrick and LORENTZ André, University of Strasbourg)

Reflective and Productive Writing : From Critical Reading to Critical Writing (10h – LORENTZ André, University of Strasbourg)

This course proposes a hands-hand approach to reflective and productive writing: from the selection of sources of information to the construction of a bibliographical fund for research as well as on the job writing activities; from description to reflection, constructing written critical arguments; from absorbing to referring, a critical reading of theoretical discussions and concepts into solidifying an educated argument. These will be illustrated and put into practice through reading assignments.

Project Management (7h – TBC, University of Strasbourg)

Visits (3h – PENIN Julien, University of Strasbourg)

Compétences visées

  • Gather and identifying the relevant theoretical and empirical arguments to address a practical and current problem and/or phenomena, both individually and in groups
  • Apply the relevant tools and methodologies to address a practical problem or phenomenon through impact evaluation, prospective or research projects, both individually and in groups


  • Sciences économiques


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